• Twisted

    ‘Twisted’ contains 13 professionally composed melodies that we twisted through different stages ..
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  • Wide

    Freak Music is proud to present the 'Wide' - outstanding collection of five construction kits, perfe..
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  • Ghost Crate

    Sonics Empire Presents ‘Ghost Crate’ a Halloween themed pack, not with the typical spooky sounds..
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  • Afro Pop Vibes

    'Afro Pop Vibes' from Sonics Empire is a new vibe experience with an amazing ensemble of sounds to d..
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  • Trap Avengers

    'Trap Avengers' by Sonics Empire is the first instalment of a brand new series of innovative samples..
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  • Vox Rebirth

    'Vox Rebirth' is a new breed of Vocal Samples from Sonics Empire. Includes (56) professionally reco..
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  • Vintage Climax

    'Vintage Climax' from Sonics Empire provides you with an experience full of vibes and lyrical sounds..
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  • 808 Renaissance: Kontakt Library

    '808 Renaissance: Kontakt Library' is the revival of the 808 Revolution in modern music brought to y..
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  • Mask Off

    'Mask Off' by Sonics Empire brings you 5 radio hits, inspired by the top-chart hip-hop & Trapsou..
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  • Serum: Big Room EDM

    'Serum: Big Room EDM' by Catalyst Samples is the label's first ever Serum-focused pack. Inside, you'..
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  • Uncharted: FL Studio Project

    'Uncharted: FL Studio Project' is a fresh mix of Future House and Future Trance featuring influences..
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  • Elements: MainRoom Melodics

    Mainroom Melodics' by Catalyst Samples draws inspiration from Nicky Romero, Hardwell, Thomas Gold an..
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