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  • Mainstream Candy

    'Mainstream Candy' from Certified Audio is a collection of 93 sounds that are intended to build Di..
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  • Magic Soul

    Certified Audio presents 'Magic Soul'. Inside this loop kit collection awaits a plethora of creativ..
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  • Vintage Haze: Lo-Fi Hip Hop

    Certified Audio presents 'Vintage Haze: Lo-Fi Hip Hop'. This sample pack of vintage lo-fi loops, sam..
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  • Stellar: Bundle

    Trap Life presents 'Stellar: Bundle'. Stellar is an extensive mega library containing 1500 sounds. ..
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  • Namida: Lofi Hip Hop

    Osaka Sound proudly presents 'Namida: Lofi Hip Hop'. If you're looking for perfect Lofi sounds, thes..
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  • Palms 2

    Trap Life presents 'Palms 2', the second installment of the Oldschool Hip-Hop series 'Palms'. This s..
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  • Palms

    Trap Life presents 'Palms'. This library embodies the perfect Oldschool Hip-Hop artillery. 'Palms' i..
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  • Trap Life

    Our first official Trap Life sound pack has arrived. This monster shoots fully armed with thrilling ..
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  • Chill Lo-Fi Guitars 2

    Welcome to 'Chill Lo-Fi Guitars 2', a masterpiece comprised of super wavy chilled out acoustic and e..
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  • Classic 80’s

    Looking for some throwback synth's or some retro vintage drum grooves mixed with some funky bassline..
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  • December Supplies Bundle

    'December Supplies Bundle' from Sonics Empire is what you need to empower the musical aspect of your..
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  • Pixel Lo-Fi

    'Pixel Lo-Fi' from Sonics Empire is a formidable collection of Construction kits built with a mixtur..
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