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  • Lithium

    This product is much more than a decent sample pack. It is a gorgeous collection of loops, samples, ..
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  • Psynation

    "Psynation" Slash your subconscious deeply and explore the new world full of Psytrance...
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  • Cyberpunk: Serum Presets

    'Cyberpunk: Serum Presets' contains 70 sounds for the Serum and 100 samples, carefully selected from..
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  • Zulu Psytrance

    'Zulu Psytrance' from OST Audio is a unique sounding template for Ableton, FL Studio & Logic Pro..
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  • Euphoric Uplifting 2

    'Euphoric Uplifting 2' by OST Audio continues the adventure by extremely atmospheric sounds and tens..
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  • Trance Expedition

    'Trance Expedition' by OST Audio is a Sylenth1 soundbank full of Acid and Bass sounds designed for T..
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  • Amazing Sylenth1

    'Amazing Sylenth1' is something more than just Sylenth1 Soundbank. This soundpack contain 80 retro s..
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  • Pop Template Surprise

    Seven Sounds presents 'Pop Template Surprise'. This is an amazing Ableton Template, with an incredib..
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  • Euphoric Uplifting

    'Euphoric Uplifting' from OST Audio is incredibly atmospheric music that comes to you as a project f..
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  • Trance Collection

    'Trance Collection' from OST Audio is a perfect bundle pack for Trance producers. This pack includes..
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  • Psytrance Arabian Sunset

    'Psytrance Arabian Sunset' by OST Audio is a Psytrance sample pack based on a full length Constructi..
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  • Future Trance Basslines 2

    'Future Trance Basslines 2' by OST Audio is a Trance sample pack based on three DAW templates for Ab..
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