Choose from our artists. All music brands are created by professional music producers from around the world.


Vinilos-Audio are inspired by Electronic Music Production. Our mission is to inspire and help other musicians and producers from all over the globe to achieve the sound they desire and deserve.

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The Highest Producers

The Highest Producers brings you high quality, radio-ready loops, sample packs, drum kits, and preset banks in many genres. They will provide you with all the resources necessary to make better beats faster.

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Endorphine Sounds

Endorphine Sounds helps you find inspiration for your new track. Drums, bass, music loops and midi. Here you will find everything you need.

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Trap Life

Trap Life brings you high quality, radio-ready loops, sample packs, drum kits. They will provide you with all the means necessary to get and keep you productive and creative in your music-making journey.

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Big Sounds

Big Sounds delivers high quality samples and VSTi presets. All the products are produced by professional musicians/artists. The label mission is to offer the best selection of Electronic Dance Music products. Big Sounds is a sub label of HighLife Samples.

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Planet Samples

Planet Samples is a sub-label of HighLife Samples. The mission of this label is to provide the producers with high-quality samples packs from different genres, like vocal packs (from many known vocalist and artists of the dance scene).

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HighLife Samples

HighLife Samples was founded in 2011 with a focus on delivering high quality, royalty free samples. Our mission has been to offer producers a place where they can find the best libraries. Loops, samples and sounds for every musical need. Ranging from Vocals and Melodies, Construction Kits, Drum Loops, Midi Files and more. We work […]

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ALHYM Records

With artists and studios in different parts of the world ALHYM Records is specialized in releasing quality sample packs, presets and construction kits. We have a number of exclusive songwriters, vocalists and artist ranging from underground music to Slavic folk.

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Banger Samples

Banger Samples is a Sample Label offering Premium Audio Samples, Loops, Templates & Vst Presets for Your Best Tracks.

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Aequor Sound

Aequor Sound is a sample label founded by a team of professional sound engineers, producers and music label managers who are passionate about creating and promoting music. We create samples for different genres of electronic music, with deep and atmospheric sounds for producers and creative people from around the world. Our philosophy is to give musicians, […]

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Seven Sounds

Seven Sounds is a loops company, dedicated to creating the best ideas for your musical productions.

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Faershtein is a composer, musician, producer. He is currently working in Russian Theater in Estonia ‘Vene Teater’ as a sound producer, studio recording, musical illustrator, musician, rhythmic teacher. Faershtein is translated as firestone, and this artist name to me is a symbol of energy and mystery of the first spark in each new idea.

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