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Based in Delhi, India, Heuse is the recording alias of instrumentalist and producer Nakul Pai. Nakul has been writing, recording, and performing music since age 9. As a life-long guitarist he played in various bands and college music festivals before first discovering electronic music.

Since starting Heuse 2015, Nakul has steadily built an audience for his unique brand of melodic soundscapes and soaring leads. Initially releasing music independently, Heuse rapidly caught the attention of numerous dance music labels and has subsequently signed releases to NCS, Tribal Trap, Riotville Records, and Tipsy Records, to name a few.

To date, Heuse has surpassed 40+ million streams on Spotify alone. Notably, his 2017 hit “Pill” with Emma Sameth has garnered him nearly 20+ million streams. With an unrelenting studio work ethic and collaborative spirit, expect Heuse to continue making his mark on the electronic music world and beyond.