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W. A. Production was founded in 2014 by producer Redhead Roman in the Czech Republic. We are an incredibly diverse company. Our products are at the top of our industry and we provide only the freshest and highest quality content. Many top DJs and producers have sought out and worked with W. A. Production for our brilliant sounds and samples. W. A. Production is an incredibly diverse and talented company.

While many labels and producers stick to one style, W. A. is able to seamlessly make music in the top EDM genres including Big Room, Future House, Tropical House, Progressive, Trap and many more. W. A. has also developed a fantastic mobile App “I’m The DJ”. Roman and his team at W. A. are constantly at work and our main focus is the development of the freshest and newest sounds and products on the market. In only a short time W. A. Production has made a huge impact. Some of our achievements include charting #1 on Beatport Sounds and Producer Loops. We have only just begun.